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Soft skills are the more intangible skills that reflect one's interpersonal and communication abilities.

Qualities such as leadership, team building, persuasion and negotiation ability are examples of soft skills a person may possess. Soft skills are extremely important for success in the business world and at Skills4Careers, we make it a priority to instill awareness of soft skills into all of our clients.

In today's marketplace, business communication and soft skills play a very important role and we are the only college in North America to incorporate the accent and soft skills training into our program. There is a growing disconnect between employers and individuals as many lack the interpersonal and communication skills that our program focuses on.

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What are soft skills?
Why do we place an emphasis on soft skills at Skills4Careers?

Some of the most basic interpersonal traits are considered soft skills. We draw upon soft skills every time we conduct and interview, meet a client or have a conversation over the phone.

Action Learning accelerates Leadership DevelopmentĀ 

At Keys2Careers we will help grow your leaders 'capacity by "action learning" that focuses on specific current organizational challenges. Action Learning develops a specific leader's skills by focusing on that leader's current real challenges.

Our Action Learning is not typical just-in-case learning. It is just-in-time learning to overcome a current leadership & other challenges.

  • You come to us with a leadership challenge and you leave with the capacity to meet that challenge. You are investing in leadership capacity building.

  • Your learning will be both customized to your organization's challenge, as well; it will be individualized to your personal leadership needs.

  • Our instructor-coaches will help determine your specific workplace challenges and priorize your learning needs to address them.

  • You will be equipped with the insights, skills, tools and confidence to return to the workplace and immediately handle your current challenge.

IT Professionals & Engineers

"No soft skills required for us, we're techies." Sounds Familiar? But still no full time work or no job satisfaction-why?? According to a large study of 1,500 Canadian and USA Corporate Chief Information Officers, 90% of them rated soft skills as most important.

New Immigrants

Come to Canada for a new life! But what is locking your future?? You have a Degree, Diploma or a Professional Certificate! The lack of language and soft skills (according to government (HRSDC) reports. 9 in 10 of the immigrants find that further education was important to their success in Canada.

Fresh College/University Graduates

High GPA and a degree do not guarantee career success in the job market today. Only a combination of Hard & Soft Skills will ensure Success. "Many college graduates lack the soft skills". according to studies of the Collegiate Employment Research Institute. Worse., the corporate-recruiting managers confirm that.

Passing the Interview

Learn valuable interview techniques to impress potential employers. Soft skills can help you feel at ease with your interviewer, and make an excellent first impression as an eager and considerate person.

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Building the Team

Every business requires teamwork in order to succeed. Leadership is essential in the pursuit of a common goal, and poor leadership produces a poor group dynamic. Learn the skills necessary to keep teams together

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Corporate Management
Many corporate managers in business today cite soft skills as the one element lacking in many of their employees.

We provide engaging, interactive workshops for executive management, middle management, and non-management personnel to develop and strengthen leadership skills & other skill building and strategy development workshops. We Help organizations improve performance, capitalize on change, and pursue their vision. We help you assess current leadership & other skills, put appropriate development plans in place, and measure progress.

More Soft Skills
  • Team Participation
  • Leadership
  • Cultural understanding
  • Teach others
  • Coach others
  • Motivate others
  • Provide services
  • Negotiate
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Observe forms of etiquette
  • Active Listening
  • Small talk
  • Discussion/debate
  • Settling disputes
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