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At Skills4Careers we understand...
that you are challenged by technology problems
on a daily basis. Let our Graduates become your

Companies who support the hiring of certified IT professionals reap the immediate advantage in cost savings that comes with improved network efficiency, minimized system downtime and reduced support costs.

Welcome to the Skills4Careers Virtual Career Center!

Convenience, ease, speed and it is free! Your posting is sent to our students and graduates instantaneously.

The Right Match

Skills4Careers Staffing Solutions provides you with custom screening of resumes that are retrieved from your postings. Our screening process reduces your time in evaluating applicants, so you only send you the resumes of candidates who meet with your requirements.

Dedicated Employment Specialists and Business Development Specialists

Our team of specialists are able to customize your recruitment needs for: online recruiting, prescreening, arranging interviews, forwarding resumes, staffing of special projects and more. You can contact a Skills4Careers Staffing Specialist, by sending email to: or call 647-430-7478, to find out how Skills4Careers can assist you in creating an effective recruiting strategy.

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