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Quark Xpress Level 2

Duration:3 Days (10 am to 5 pm with one hour lunch break)

Cost: $ 1899 + HST

Course Content

    Lesson 1: Creating Graphic Effects with B騷ier Paths
    Topic 1A: Draw B騷ier Paths
    Topic 1B: Reshape a Picture Box
    Topic 1C: Combine B騷ier Shapes
    Topic 1D: Silhouette Pictures

    Lesson 2: Creating Type Effects
    Topic 2A: Create Drop Caps
    Topic 2B: Reverse Type with a Style Sheet
    Topic 2C: Typeset Numbers
    Topic 2D: Create a Type Mask
    Topic 2E: Flow Type on a Path
    Topic 2F: Create a Type Shadow

    Lesson 3: Efficiently Laying Out Pages
    Topic 3A: Organize Design Elements in Libraries
    Topic 3B: Step and Repeat Items
    Topic 3C: Adjust Space Between Items
    Topic 3D: Manipulate Items Within Groups
    Topic 3E: Layer Items

    Lesson 4: Professionally Typesetting Layouts
    Topic 4A: Choose Appropriate Typefaces
    Topic 4B: Choose Appropriate Leading
    Topic 4C: Set Justification Options
    Topic 4D: Hyphenate Text
    Topic 4E: Track Type
    Topic 4F: Kern Type

    Lesson 5: Applying Color Management
    Topic 5A: Determine When To Use Color Management
    Topic 5B: Set Up Color Management
    Topic 5C: Change Image Profiles
    Topic 5D: Choose Printer Device Profiles

    Lesson 6: Managing Long Documents
    Topic 6A: Change Type Formatting Automatically
    Topic 6B: Section a Document
    Topic 6C: Create A List
    Topic 6D: Index Documents
    Topic 6E: Create A Book



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