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Artifical Intelligence

Duration: 3 Days (10 am to 5 pm with one hour lunch break)

Cost: $ 1899 + HST

Course overview and Objectives

This course provides an overview and introduction to the field of Artificial Intelligence. Notions of rational behavior and intellıgent agents will be discussed. Major subareas will be covered. The emphasis will be on understanding the fundamental concepts, as well as being able to practically apply the corresponding approaches in solving practical problems and developing useful software applications. Program illustrations in traditional languages such as C and Java will be used, and the logic programming language Prolog will be introduced.

  1. Understand the notions of rational behavior and intelligent agents.
  2. Develop a general appreciation of the goals, subareas, achievements and difficulties of AI.
  3. Knowledge of methods of blind as well as informed search and ability to practically apply the corresponding technıques.
  4. General understanding of major concepts and approaches in knowledge representation, planning, learning, robotics and other AI areas.
  5. Developing programming skills for AI application
  6. Exposure to logic programming with Prolog.

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