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Duration:1 Day(10 am to 5 pm with one hour lunch break)

Cost: $ 899 + HST


Course Outline
  1. The profit and loss account and balance sheet:
    •    what are they?
    •    what will end up in each?
    •    how do they relate to each other?
  2. Double entry - how it works?
    •    Recording financial transactions
    •    Credit sales/cash sales
    •    Credit purchases/cash purchases
    •    Bank and petty cash payroll
  3. Prepayments, accruals and depreciation
    Summarising your transactions - the trial balance
  4. Producing the profit and loss account and balance sheet
  5. How computerised accounting does the same job

For more information, please call us at 647-430-7478 or email us

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