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Project Management Fundamentals

Duration:3 Days (10 am to 5 pm with one hour lunch break)

Cost: $ 1899 + HST

In this course, students will identify and apply generally recognized practices in project management.

The target student for this course is any individual who may need to perform project management activities in their job role on either a formal or informal basis, or any project team members who want to enhance their knowledge of project management in order to interact more productively with a project manager and perform more effectively on a project team.

Course Outline
  1. Introduction to Project Management
    •     Describe a Project
    •     Describe the Project Management Life Cycle
    •     Identify the Role of a Project Manager
  2. Initiating a Project
    •     Determine the Scope of a Project
    •     Identify the Skills for a Project
    •     Team Identify the Risks to a Project
  3. Plannin For Time and Cost
    •     Create a Work Breakdown Structure
    •     Sequence the Activities
    •     Create a Project Schedule
    •     Determine Project Costs
  4. Planning for Risk, Procurements and Stackholder management
    •     Plan Risk Management
    •     Identify Risks
    •     Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    •     Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
    •     Plan for Risk Response
    •     Plan Project Procurements
    •     Plan Stakeholder Management
  5. Managing Project Work, Scope, Schedule and Cost
    •     Monitor and Control Project Work
    •     Perform Integrated Change Control
    •     Validate Project Scope
    •     Control Project Scope
    •     Control the Project Schedule
    •     Control Project Costs
  6. Managing Change During Project Execution
    •     Gear Up for Project Execution
    •     Manage Project Changes
    •    Monitor the Project Scope
  7. Monitoring and Controlling Project Schedule and Cost
    •     Monitor and Control the Project Schedule
    •     Optimize the Project Schedule
    •    Monitor and Control Project Costs
  8. Monitoring Risk and Quality
    •     Monitor and Control Risks
    •     Put Quality Plans into Action
    •    Control Project Quality
  9. Communating and Reporting
    •     Communicate in a Project
    •     Distribute Project Information
    •     Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations
    •     Report on Project Performance
  10. Closing a Project
    •     Close Project or Phase
    •     Create a Final Report

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