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Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Preparation

Duration:5 Days (10 am to 5 pm with one hour lunch break)

Cost: $ 2899 + HST

In this course, students will apply the generally recognized practices of project management acknowledged by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) to successfully manage projects.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: • Get started with project management fundamentals. • Identify organizational influences and project life cycle. • Work with project management processes. • Initiate a project. • Plan a project. • Plan for project time management. • Plan project budget, quality, and communications. • Plan for risk, procurements, and stakeholder management. • Execute a project. • Manage project work, scope, schedules, and cost. • Control a project. • Close a project.

Course Outline
  1. Introduction to Project Management
    •     Components of Project Management
    •     Project Management and the Business
  2. Project Management and Organization
    •     Identify Organizational Influences
    •     Project Stakeholders and Governance
    •     The Project Team
    •     The Project Life Cycle
  3. Working with Project Management Processes
    •     Project Management Processes and Knowledge Areas
    •     Identify Project Information
  4. Iniatiating a Project
    •     Develop a Project Charter
    •     Identify Project Stakeholders
  5. Planning a Project
    •     Develop a Project Management Plan
    •     Plan Scope Management
    •     Collect Project Requirements
    •     Define Project Scope
    •     Create a WBS
  6. Planning for Project Time Management
    •     CreatPlan Schedule Management
    •     Define Project Activities
    •     Sequence Project Activities
    •     Estimate Activity Resources
    •     Estimate Activity Durations
    •     Develop a Project Schedule
  7. Planning Project Budget,Quality and Communications
    •     Plan Project Cost Management
    •     Estimate Project Costs
    •     Determine the Project Budget
    •     Plan Quality Management
    •     Plan Human Resource Management
    •     Plan Communications Management
  8. Planning for Risk, Procurements and Stackholder management
    •     Plan Risk Management
    •     Identify Risks
    •     Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    •     Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
    •     Plan for Risk Response
    •     Plan Project Procurements
    •     Plan Stakeholder Management
  9. Executing a Project
    •     Direct and Manage Project Work
    •     Perform Quality Assurance
    •     Acquire Project Team
    •     Develop Project Team
    •     Manage a Project Team
    •     Manage Communications
    •     Conduct Procurements
    •     Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  10. Managing Project Work, Scope, Schedule and Cost
    •     Monitor and Control Project Work
    •     Perform Integrated Change Control
    •     Validate Project Scope
    •     Control Project Scope
    •     Control the Project Schedule
    •     Control Project Costs
  11. Controlling the Project
    •     Control Project Quality
    •     Control Communications
    •     Control Project Risks
    •     Control Project Procurements
    •     Control Stakeholder Engagement
  12. Closing a Project
    •     Close Project or Phase
    •     Close Procurements

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